Synchrony in chaos

That feeling when everything just seems to be happening at exactly the right time, exactly the right pace. When each little piece of the day’s plan seems to unfold with relatively little issue. When everyone is smiling, happy, making memories together. That is one of my favorite feelings in the world. We had a bunch […]


I’ve never heard the story of Everlong before. This stopped me in my tracks today. Still reeling from the long sleep regression battle. I’m learning to appreciate these sleepless days and nights a little more each day, knowing that they won’t always be an issue. Knowing that we won’t always be in the same house. […]

Sleep regressions

Nothing worse. Delay in posting, exercising, generally having any routine at all is brought to you IN FULL by a sleep regression from kid #2. She’s been the best sleeper, we’ve truly been super lucky. I should’ve known the regression was going to hit harder than ever. Life is good. The world is still a […]


We’re rapidly approaching the official one-year anniversary of when our pandemic life started (3/13). At that time, we thought it would be for 2-4 weeks. Fortunately, we were also gifted a Disney+ subscription at that time, which has now since become a literal day-saver on many occasions. Of the many movies and shows that we’ve […]

Smoothies + snowfall

Trying out a new format for this week, inspired (as always) by Austin Kleon’s fantastic newsletter where he writes about 10 things he thinks are worth sharing. This wonderful animated short, narrated by Patton Oswalt. I had not heard of “52” the whale before but now I’m fascinated by the story. Big fan of how […]

Phoenix Sessions

Jimmy Eat World played their second-of-three virtual live album events last night. They played “Futures” in it’s entirety, front to back. One of my all time favorite records. The band has been filling the void created by the pandemic by churning out tons of interesting and creative content. Jim has done deep dives into their […]


A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me to join his in-progress D&D campaign. I had always wanted to play but was always afraid it was too steep a learning curve so I never got into it. After that first night of playing, I have joined his crew every other Thursday night for […]