In 2014, I started contracting as a front-end developer full-time and haven’t looked back. In that time I’ve worked on projects ranging from sales landing pages for local business owners to large-scale website and CMS projects with larger agencies.

For the past year, I’ve been working with the fantastic people at Modern Tribe as a contractor. I’ve gotten to work on some pretty amazing projects on both their Agency and Products (The Events Calendar, Loxi) teams.

Design Crumbs

I joined the Design Crumbs team in 2012 as a part-time support agent and developer. I maintain and support over 25 WordPress themes under the Design Crumbs portfolio. I love working with WordPress and helping people bring their ideas to life.

American Hotel Register Company

I was brought on as a Senior Front-End Web Developer at American Hotel Register Company. Our team was responsible for all digital marketing materials and tools. During my time here, I aided in a complete overhaul of the company’s e-commerce website. The new site included updating the custom CMS and adding a custom ad network. The updated site resulted in an increase in sales revenue, addition of revenue streams via the ad network, and (my personal favorite) a large reduction in the negative UX feedback site-wide. I also designed and built custom client microsites, product landing pages, ads, and marketing email templates.


I officially began my career at Officite, a small company catered towards the medical community. We built and maintained thousands of sites using Officite’s custom CMS. I was directly responsible for building new CMS templates and custom website designs.

Want to work together?

I’m always looking for new and exciting projects to tackle. If you’d like to work together, please get in touch!