What would Bandit do?

We’re rapidly approaching the official one-year anniversary of when our pandemic life started (3/13). At that time, we thought it would be for 2-4 weeks.

Fortunately, we were also gifted a Disney+ subscription at that time, which has now since become a literal day-saver on many occasions.

Of the many movies and shows that we’ve watched and re-watched with the kids, one has stood out to me as an instant all-time favorite: Bluey.

Every single episode is a wonderful little look inside the life of an Australian blue heeler family. Each one is filled with one small lesson in gratitude amongst the chaos, letting the kids live with less rules, and overall just having an amazing time with the ones you love most.

For me, it’s really struck a chord as I’ve adapted to our lockdown life. Every time I watch the show, I unashamedly shift my focus to be more like Bluey’s dad Bandit, and how he approaches life & parenting.

We got our kids a bunch of the Bluey toys for Christmas and I’ve since “borrowed” a Bandit figure for my desk. It serves as a little reminder to slow down, be present, and appreciate this amazing time I have with my goofy littles and amazing partner.

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